Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Banshee Second Draft

Last weekend I finished the outline for draft 2 of Banshee. If you remember, I wrote the first draft a few years ago as part of NANOWRIMO. Back then it was written from the perspective of Tom, as he discovers and falls in love with a banshee. This was where most of my problems lay in the first draft, as I just couldn't relate to Tom as a character (he was quite egotistical) and I realised that if I couldn't relate to him as a lead character then my readers wouldn't. So I've changed the focus and now the story is told from the pov of a young banshee . This opened up lots more story possibilities and I've even been able to think about ideas for the sequel. I'm looking forward to writing my second draft, and hope to have something to show you all soon.