Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Back!

After a successful run of 'Titanic the musical' and after the chaos of fresher's week, I'm almost back to my old routine, which means I'll have time to write again! I'm currently getting geared up for the 'National Novel Writing Month', which starts on November 1st. My friends and I are going to try to write a 50,000 word novel each before 30th November - sounds like fun, so I can't wait! I've decided I'm going to write about Nox (see previous post 'My own gothic princess') and have provisionally titled the story 'Inter Vivos'. It's already caused some controversy, as I've labelled it as 'science fiction' and one of my male friends either a) doesn't think it classifies as such or b) doesn't think a girl can write sci-fi. Anyway, you can follow my progress at: (username Grizabella).
So, what else has been happening in my week away? Well, I got a rejection email from about a short story I had submitted, which I'm not too bothered about, as I wrote the story during my lunchbreak and it wasn't that good. I also got a rejection email from Paines Plough after I sent them my still not completed copy of 'Red and the Wolf'. I'm awaiting their feedback, but I think I've come to the decision that I'm not going to progress with 'Red'. I did enjoy writing it and think it is well written, but I also think that the subject matter is not original enough, and so no amount of editing/rewriting will change that. I may come back to it later, but I think that for now, my energies are better spent elsewhere. So I think that's about it for my update. Did you miss me?
Lucy :-)


Alex said...

SF isn't a style, it's a state of mind. Like yorkshire or jam rolly pollies or cardigans.
So it can be if you want. I accidentally categorised mine as religion, new age and spiritualism...then I changed it to literary fiction, but I want to change it back again now.

morphean ramble said...

i never said nothing about girls not being able to write science fiction... sheesh

Lucy Ann Wade said...

I was hypothesising! Sheesh yourself! :-D

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Shame that your not continuing with red... Remember when you get rejections that htey are rejecting it cos its not right for them.
I sent stuff off to ages ago and have heard nothing. How long ago did you send them your story?