Friday, December 15, 2006

The New 'Jazz Age'

I have decided to write a novella or short story about a stripper. I know that Seb is currently writing/has written a story about a woman who works in a strip club/is a stripper, but my story is going to be a bit different (though I thought they could possibly both work in the same club, if Seb liked the idea!).

Anyway, the plot is a little vague at the moment. I've been heavily inspired by 1920s New York and the 'Jazz Age', and I think it's not such a far stretch to imagine that we are living in the new Jazz Age - many defining features are the same, such as concern with technological advances, individualism, and hedonism. I'm going to try to take my inspiration from the writings of F. Scott and Zelda Fizgerald, and Joseph Moncure March and write a modernist account of the life of this girl in contemporary society. By modernist, I mean being more concerned about the character's 'life force' rather than a realistic representation of the world. Modernism was also a feature of the Jazz Age, so fits in nicely with the style and tone I'm aiming for.


Alex said...

By 'life force' you mean lady lumps...right?

Lucy Ann Wade said...

'lady lumps'???

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Every time I see a comment from Alex it's *******

Anyway... moving on, Write a story and dont think of my strip club, think of the world where you want your strippers to inhabit.

Look on YouTube or something for a video by Hole called "Violet" I have it on tape somewhere, but thats the real Jumbo's Clown Room! Really have a peek at it!

Alex said...

I'll have you know that I am substituting my own seven letter word in place of those stars...and thank you, they are rather aren't they?