Thursday, April 05, 2007


Ok, so if you hadn't gathered, I am back now from doing my show, Company, which was a rip-roaring success. There is a bit of a crap review of it on the Leicester Mercury site (I get a mention as one of the highlights though!), but the link to it won't work, so to read it go to and in the search box, type in 'Concordia' and it's the story posted on 23rd March. Auditions for the next show, Witches of Eastwick are next Sunday, so I'm busy practising trying to be sexy and hitting a high C.

In terms of writing, well I haven't really done anything more to my Hoodies play, but will be attempting to complete my second draft before the last Momentum session on Tuesday. There's a few changes that need to be made, but I think I can get those done in time. I'm actually quite happy about the shape it's in currently, and when those changes are made, I think it'll probably be the best script I've sent to TWP, so that's something. Of course, it breaks all their rules and they'll probably hate it, but I think I've developed quite a bit in terms of style and dialogue since those patchy 'High Street Aphrodite' days.

I've also posted a picture of me (and Robin!) in Cows the Musical. Found this photo the other day and so I thought I'd put it here so I never lose it again! I played the martial-arts wannabe 'Badly Dubbed Cow' and Robin was 'Laughalot'. That week in Edinburgh was probably one of the best weeks of my life, so thought I'd commemorate it here!

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