Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The new short story I am working on is about a stripper called Honey and her abusive boyfriend, and so right now I'm researching pole dancing and strip clubs. If any of you have ever been to a strip club, please can you give me all the details (or if you wish to remain anonymous, you can email me instead!). I would go myself, but can't afford it. See, this is what Arts Council money should be for! :-)

I have my characters mapped out for my fantasy play (see previous post "Magic"), but in true Lucy-tradition I have yet to write anything since the page of dialogue I wrote in January. But if I stick to my new writing rota, I should be able to work on that tonight.

So, I've created this writing rota, and although it's a little crude it should hopefully keep me motivated and on-track to finishing some of the projects I have ongoing. I was supposed to finish Inter Vivos in April, but that went down the toilet, so my new deadline is a completed first draft by October - that doesn't sound too unreasonable. I also need to begin and finish my fantasy play for the Verity Bargate, so will need a good finished draft by June. At least being too poor to go out anywhere has its advantages.


morphean ramble said...

good luck with the deadlines. I find self imposed deadlines a bitch to keep to, but that's cos I am a fundamentally undisciplined person.

Roughly (obviously, as you won't necessarily know how many words the finished draft will be) how many words a week do you need to put in on InterVivos to get it done by October?

Lucy Ann Wade said...

I have no idea! If we estimate 90,000 for the completed book, then how many words is that per week? Maths is not my strong point! (or rather, the idea of doing mental arithmatic scares me!).

morphean ramble said...

Starting from next week, you have 19 weeks to finish by 01 October (a Monday)

Assuming you had written zero words (which isn't true, you've got about 10k, don't you?) that would be ~4740 words a week, or ~1200 words a night, 4 nights a week. A definately achieveble target!