Monday, December 15, 2008

Writing is Hard

Writing is not fun. Let me elaborate: Coming up with an idea is fun, plotting a story is fun, talking about it for hours in a coffee shop or pub is fun. Writing the thing is so hard sometimes I sometimes contemplate deleting the whole file on my hard drive, or giving the whole thing to somebody else and screaming "just fix this!" at them until they reassemble my words in an appropriate order.

So as you may have guessed, I'm back working on Inter Vivos. I'm writing chapter two at the moment. I say "writing", when really I'm typing vague words that transition my character from infancy to puberty. Urgh! A lot happens in those years but it's not important plot stuff, it's important character stuff (and red herring stuff) and so some of it may go in the final edit, but I can't edit something that's not even written, can I?

Actually, I had a better time writing this chapter than I have had previous when trying to work on IV. I think the main thing I've figured out is to firstly work out what I need to include in this chapter, then start in a blank document, and type it out, without reference to what I've written before, without trying to save my favourite paragraph that I wrote 2 years ago.

It's almost Christmas, and I can't wait. I'm at work until Wednesday, then I'm off until 5th January. Yay! This does mean that I really have no excuse for not finishing the short story that I've started. It would be so great to start the new year with something good enough to sell. Will keep you posted.

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