Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I've been slogging my guts out recently, trying to get this draft of my novel finished. I'm currently almost halfway through, and hoping to finish by next weekend. It'll be champers and cocktails afterwards, I'm telling you.

It is difficult to write when you have a full time job, but not impossible. It takes a lot of discipline, something that I never thought I had, but have managed to procure some from somewhere. I've found I can write in 90 minute chunks before my concentration and bladder get the better of me, so in the evenings after work I've been managing to write somewhere between 1,000-2,000 words, and at the weekends (when I'm not working) I can polish off on average 2 and a half chapters.

Which is all very good, except I'm becoming a bit of a "novel bore". The only thing I can think about is the novel, the only line of conversation I have outside of work is writing, and I've had no time to see anyone or do anything even remotely worth blogging about. Have booked a holiday to Berlin, so now I at least have something to look forward to.