Thursday, March 18, 2010


Another rejection email today. When it rains, it pours, right? I'm about at the limit of how much my optimistic attitude can take, so I'm off for dinner tonight with the boyf to cheer myself up.


I have started working on something new, which has the potential to become a new novel. I think I'll wait though until I'm in a better mood to tell you about it.


Denise Moncrief said...

Rejection e-mails bite.

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Thanks for the support!

Saulgoode said...

I make a GOAL of rejection slips. I keep an Excel spreadsheet, and when I receive a rejection slip, I turn the cells GREEN!


I count it as a positive.

I offer publishers right of first rejection.

I collect rejections, and the more I collect, the happier I get!

I count the form emails as 2 points, since they are extra-special naughty mails.

Because you know what? I don't write for publishers, or readers, or anybody else on the planet or in this life or the next.

I write for me. What do I care if someone rejects it.

Ho-hum indeed. I have one published short story.

Big eff, right.

I have another one being published soon. Another big eff.

But I have four novels I LOVE to read, working on a fifth, my friends and family love all those short stories I send them, my boss likes em, my co-workers like em, I like em...

And you know what my publisher said to me the other day, dearest?

He said, I don't care about the book so much. I'm looking for authors who'll get out there and SELL.

- Eric
My Blog

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Eric, your post made me smile! That's a great attitude. I do have a little folder I keep all my rejections in, and I am sort of proud of them - at least I'm trying, which is more than I can say for some.
Good luck with your own writing.

Saulgoode said...

Thanks, Lucy.

I poked around a bit more on your blog, and dug up your older post on the book you were writing as a teenie.

Paraphrased: "I left my heroines in a field eating oranges."

Funny where we leave off, isn't it. Your stopping point, in fact, sounds interesting, and I hope you picked up where you left off and FINISHED!

See, there's no such thing a half-written book, or a story concept. There is only the final product.

Nothing else counts.

PS, if you want to post a LINK to your blog on other blog sites, post this beneath your name:

<a href="">Lucy's Blog</a>

It'll come out like this on the web page:
Lucy's Blog

- Eric
My Blog

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