Friday, June 14, 2013

How to get writing again?

Work has become crazy busy recently, now that I am in charge of organising events full time. I am trying to finish the second draft of Banshee, my WIP, but scheduling time to write is really difficult, especially when my "day job" creeps into evenings and weekends too.

So I've been thinking about ways that I can still work on my project, but without obviously slacking off during the day and getting into trouble at work.

Here are some ideas I've had to get started again:

* Writing for 30 mins - 1 hour before breakfast.
* Pretend conversations in my head between characters, and then scribbling it down or recording it on my phone.
* Staying late after staying late to write a little bit (this is how this blog post has come about!).

What are your suggestions? Do you have a good way of staying focused when life tries to get in the way of your writing?


James Worrad said...

I find there is no easing your way back in. It's like not going to the gym and then going to the gym: you find your muscles have softened and It's a pain at first. Thing I do is grit my teeth and remember what I liked about writing.

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Yes good advice. I think trying to remember why I was excited to write in the first place is good motivation.