Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Own Gothic Princess & A Writing Update

Her name is Nox. As a child, she was the first patient of a new procedure of inter vivos heart donation – basically transplanting a heart from a living person into another living person without the donor dying. As she grows up, the heart becomes a burden, and she begins to act irrational, experiencing mood swings and patterns of erratic behaviour (and basically becoming more and more fucked up). Her parents ship her off to a mental asylum, where she mets an old man, who as a prisoner had his eyes forcefully removed in the first experiments for the inter vivos procedure, and now suffers from visions of the sights his ‘eyes’ are seeing, even though they are no longer attached to his body. That’s all I’m giving away so far about my new story, but I’m really enjoying creating this dark world. I think Nox looks a little something like Angelina Jolie in this picture, but younger (except Nox doesn’t spend all her time sitting on a toilet).

So I’m writing this at the moment (well, doing some character work anyhow), along with finally making a start with the World War One story, which is a completely different genre, and finishing off a couple of plays. It’s really refreshing to be writing properly again. I do sometimes feel I’m a little spoilt for choice with what to work on next, but at least boredom/monotony is not going to be an issue (fingers crossed!!).


morphean ramble said...

I really like the sound of this piece. I mean, I think the WWI one will be good, but this one sunds like the kind of story that really fires my imagination.


Robin Johnson said...

Agreed, this does sound rather splendid. Good luck with it!