Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Research, Research, Research!

I'm really excited at the minute. Not only am I going to see 'Wicked' (the musical tale of the two witches of Oz) tomorrow, but I'm also going to spend Friday at the Imperial War Museum, trying to find as much information on the role of women during the Great War, the Suffragette movement, and munitions factories as humanly possible!The people at the museum whom I have already spoken to seem really nice and helpful, so I'm planning on having a very productive day. I'm looking forward to reading the diaries by women of the period to try and see what everyday life was like for them during this period of conflict. I've also been informed about the Genesis website, which is run by the Women's Library (which I also plan to visit at some point). This website is a database of all the literature around the country relating to women's experiences throughout history. For anyone who is interested, the website address is:

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Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

ah! so thats why you wont be ariving at mine until after 8 (not in chocolate mint way!) sounds really fun - i'd like to go to the imerial war musealm thingy!