Thursday, November 30, 2006


Company rehearsals are well underway, and I've been tap-dancing my heart out and I think I'm getting it right - we're using hats and canes and everything! All very exciting and energetic. I just need to learn the words and harmony to the song we're singing at the same time as doing the dance and then I'll be sorted! Should be a good show.
Well, it's the last day of NaNoWriMo today and I've written 12,560 words (or something to that effect). I know I could have done better, and I'm a little disappointed with myself for not pulling my finger out and for playing the Sims 2 way too much (devil game), but at the same time, I'm now 12000 words into the beginnings of what will hopefully be my first novel, so it's all positive. And it inspired me to write and motivated me, so I think I did well. I'm going to try and do it properly next year, and maybe I'll reach that 50,000 word target!
I really want to work more on my 'youths' play, so I am going to start that again next week. I think I've worked out the different storylines for all of my teens, so it should be a case of just writing it now. My friend is having a play he wrote performed by the university theatre society, and this has got me thinking - perhaps that would be the perfect place to perform in my 'youths' play too? I mean, the actors there are over the age of 18, so no one will pass out if they say f*** on stage, but they're not 'adults pretending to be children' either (a la Dawsons Creek). So it might work.
I'm still not sure what to write for Momentum. I'd ideally like to write about my Shilton posse, but not sure I'll be 'allowed'. Perhaps I'll be inspired by tonight's workshop session.
Lucy :-)

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