Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Fear

I think I officially have 'The Fear'. I know exactly how I want my play to go, but I'm terrified of writing it, in case (it's crap). Logically I know that's silly, because if it is crap, then I can just re-write it, re-draft it, or start something new, but I'm not able to communicate that down to the creative side of me that does all the writing. I want to send Amanda a first draft of my play (or at least a couple of scenes) before the next Momentum session on Tuesday, so I have a week to get my arse into gear.

My friend's play was performed for the Comedy Festival last week, and I'm so pleased for him, as I think it went really well. It has made me want to put on one of my plays (of course, that means actually completing one, but we can skim over that minute detail for now). In the pub we were talking about creating our own 'new writing' theatre production company, and I still think that's a good idea. Very time consumming, but worth thinking about nonetheless.

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Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

we need to talk about that. its possible but we still need to have a chat about it.

also have you gone beta? i hate it!