Monday, July 16, 2007


I received a letter in the post on Saturday morning letting me know that I'd been shortlisted for the Leicester/Leicestershire Short Story contest and was invited to go to some sort of awards do at Borders on 22nd August. This is really cool, and I would be really excited and ranting about what shoes I should wear, etc, except that this is also the date of the one-day writers' residency for Momentum in Nottingham (yes, and my diamond shoes are too tight!).

I can probably make both, if I leave the Momentum day early (which would mean missing Declan's play), though there's no guarentee that I'll make it there on time to the do, and I'd probably be covered in grass and mud and half eaten pork-bears. Alternatively, I could give the do a miss and stay in Nottingham, as I've got a 50% chase of going home without a prize anyway. But it would be good to go and meet some new people, plus I've never been inside the Borders in Fosse Park before. Oh, decisions, decisions!


Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

I went to that thing at borders last year and it was the begining of everyhting that went well for me, I'd say go. I got a residency at a writers development weekend from it and from there i met people from the arts council that egged me onto getting hte grant.

and lets face it - you know how terrible TWP treat their writers!

The Short Story contest is selected by Damien and his sidekick Kerry Featherstone.

Just dont send them a picture of a monkey like i did!

morphean ramble said...

i can do you a falcon

Lucy Ann Wade said...

I thought Kerry Featherstone was Literature officer for Leicestershire, rather than Damien's "sidekick"?

Kerry said...

No, I am not his "side-kick". Yes, I am a Literature Officer (Leicestershire). Do not take advice from writers who send a monkey. They will receive a turkey in reply.
Yours, outraged and undervalued,