Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Witches of Eastwick

The musical that I am starring in, Witches of Eastwick, started last night at the Concordia Theatre in Hinckley. And it went really well, probably the best first night performance in my personal history, I think! The audience lapped it up, although the blue-rinse brigade were heard to comment that it was "a bit rude". If anyone is interested in coming to watch, you may still be able to get tickets, though I know the latter part of the week has pretty much sold out. Tickets are available from the theatre by calling Claire Pitt on 01455 636627.


morphean ramble said...

I thought it was well done (although I've been informed that the band were sloppy on the night I saw it - it just seemed to my non-expert ear that people were taking a while to warm up).

Thoughts on the piece: it's a better comedy than it is a musical. The songs are okay but not really anything special (exception: DVH's one near the end - very cool), but it's very funny.

Lucy Ann Wade said...

We got a really good write-up in The Hinckley Times.

It's a 'musical comedy' not a 'comedy musical' - the songs are supposed to enhance the comedy, not the other way around. I think some of the songs are brilliant, but then, Morph, you only tend to like "Blah" music anyway!

morphean ramble said...

I know, I know - just you wait till Morrissey writes a musical, we are so going

Oh, and:


morphean ramble said...

Does the Inkleh Times have an online edition? Linx pls