Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Question: How come I can look in the mirror at 8 o'clock and have perfectly clear skin and then look again at 10 and have the most enormous pus-filled zit on my face? Where did it come from? Have my friends and co-workers been monitoring the gradual appearance of this monstrosity whilst I have been sitting here for hours, oblivious to the whitehead that is slowly trying to take over my entire head? :-(

Well, I have finished reading Inter Vivos, and it's actually not that bad. Which is great news! I can see how lazy I was when I was writing the first part, skipping over bits or repeating bits from earlier, so I have a lot more work to do to add to the story. However, I am going to leave what I have already written for the time being, and continue onwards with the story. Once I have reached the end, I will then go back and correct, rewrite and flesh out the bits at the beginning. And then my first draft will be complete! Hooray!

Got to go get some Clearasil and a paper bag now...

(PS I was going to post a picture of a zit on here to accompany this post, but just looking at them has made me feel a bit sick, so I thought I would spare you).

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Maria said...

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