Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Greetings

Hi y'all. Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but I've been all over the place for work, and since last blogging, I've been to Portsmouth, Reading, Lewisham and Hendon. Am feeling quite knackered. Still haven't recovered from being up for 20 hours after my Hendon trip. Am definitely feeling old at the moment. Also resenting the fact that I've had to come in to work for a few hours on Good Friday whilst everyone else is at home with family, watching High School Musical 2 or eating hot cross buns. Oh well. Sure I'll get over it.

I'm still quite tired, so can't actually think of what to write - this is more of a 'I'm still alive' post I guess. Sorry to be boring. I've read Good Omens since I last blogged, which was good, and I'm currently reading Caitlin Kiernan's Threshold, which I'm really enjoying, though can't read before bedtime as it leaves some pretty vivid images in my mind. Still haven't finished The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters. One day...

IV update: Nox still hasn't left Thaddeus's house, though I'm getting closer to that part. Have been trying to type up what I've been writing whilst I've been away, which is a job and a half. I really pity people who write long-hand all the time - no wonder they work full-time at writing - it must be all that typing up they do! (joke).

Right, am off again now. Will hopefully be able to blog again next Friday, when I will have finished my travels for now.

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morphean ramble said...

hope it all calms down soon - I wanna read the next bit!

merry Jesus Claus to you