Wednesday, May 28, 2008


At 22:10 last night, in the David Wilson Library, I finally completed the first draft of Inter Vivos. Well, I am calling it Draft 1a, as I need to go back and fill in a few missing blanks that I skipped over in my quest for the finish line. I also need to come up with a couple of important names, so will be using Behind the Name again to see if I can find anything suitable. Then I'm going to spend a few days typing up what I've written (yesterday I wrote 22 A5 pages in 1 and 3/4 hours and my hand got cramp), and then I will go back and write it all out again with corrections and the missing sections completed. I'm hoping to have Draft 1b completed by 20th June at the latest. And then I will be giving it to a few friends to read (let me know anyone if you're also interested), and then will begin my second draft, to be finished by October 2008 at the very latest.
So yippee to me for finally getting to the end!


andallthatcouldhavebeen said...

yeah, I'll read it!

morphean ramble said...

I'll read the fuck out of it