Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Sun is Out, The Skies are Blue...

For some reason, I'm feeling proper head dizzy today, like I'm drunk but sober, or have been spinning around for ages and have just suddenly stopped. Very weird. At first I thought it was low blood sugar level or something, but I've had tea and a plum, and that hasn't helped. Peculiar, and not very nice.
Anyway, this blog isn't supposed to be 'Hypocondriac's Haven', it's supposed to be about writing. And I have almost finished Inter Vivos, which is very exciting news. Nox is in prison, about to meet the person who holds all the answers and then in about 10,000 words time, I'm done. Whoop!
However, I have a long way to go after that, and I've already started planning my rewriting process, how to make sure my story is structurally consistant, and so on. But with a bit of look I can send out the first draft to friends to give me feedback (volunteers anyone??) sometime in July.
I have also been researching places that I can submit short stories to and which might actually pay me for them. I've got a couple of shorts in production at the moment, so it would be nice if I could find a home for them. Fingers crossed, etc.
Still haven't heard anything regarding my submission of Calypso, but it has only been 6 days. Really am not a patient person at all!
And I have recently lost two friends to 'The Motherhood', that exclusive cult where they turn their backs on normal activities, such as drinking, staying up late, and watching Desperate Housewives, in favour of all-day morning sickness, falling asleep before 9pm, and wearing elasticated-waisted gypsy skirts (because 'maternity clothes are too expensive'). Seriously, though, Congratulations you guys!

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