Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Step at a Time...

So I'm now rewriting Inter Vivos. And yesterday I had a bit of a panic because after months of writing and writing and suddenly thinking 'yes, I've reached my goal', now with this rewrite I'm back at the beginning again. Yes, the scenes are all there, but now I have to write the blooming thing all over again! And that thought became a little too much to handle, seeing as the first draft took me almost two years to write! But then wonderful Alex came along and reminded me to just take it a step at a time, concentrate on reworking the first chapter, and then the second, and then the third, and so on, and take it all in bite sized chunks. So I'm now feeling calmer about the whole process.

I've also just rediscovered my favourite children's book, Twelve Dancing Princesses by Errol Le Cain (based on the Brothers Grimm's tale, of course). Is quite expensive on Amazon (as it's out of print now), but am very tempted to get it. Aren't the illustrations gorgeous (see picture above)?

On a personal note, I need to stop emailing people and posting comments on things without pausing to think. I've done the opposite a couple of times and then - whoosh! - it's too late and my cringeworthy comments are in someone's inbox, or on some forum or other for all the world to see! Think first, type later. (By the way, "whoosh" is the sound I imagine emails and other electronic communications would make if they actually made a sound).

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