Friday, August 22, 2008

Olay works??

Just stopping by on my week off to give you a quick update.

Firstly, I haven't done as much writing as I should have done, but I have done some, which is good. I have finished chapter four (for now) and am now revising chapter five of Inter Vivos, and I have started a new short story, and I've been writing bits of dialogue for a new play. The best thing has been having the time to just ruminate on the world and see what comes from it. I know have a map of my world in Inter Vivos, for example, which I drew whilst I was on hold for British Gas.

Right, secondly, being at home in the daytime is boring. I had really bad cabin fever on Wednesday. I honestly don't know how housewives, etc stay at home all day. The most exciting thing that has happened (writing aside) is that I managed to save my line-drying washing from a sudden outburst of rain.

Oh, and I think my Olay face cream is finally working. The wrinkle on my forehead is looking decidedly smaller. Whoop!


andallthatcouldhavebeen said...

BooHoo! All Olay does to me is bring me out in a terrible rash! I'm just gonna have to live with the wrinkles! It's just insult to injury that the one product that actually works is the one I can't use (oh, and Astral. Johanna Lumley lied to me).

Lucy Ann Wade said...

There's a Boots one that's supposed to be good too. Can't remember what it's called though, but is in a white pot (and is probalby overpriced!)