Friday, August 08, 2008

Madness and the Move

I am still totally stressed due to moving house - all of my belonging are all over the place, scattered on the floor, in big piles, buried under loads of Alex's stuff. I'm starting to feel smothered myself - I'm close to going completely mad. Will be glad when everything is sorted out. There's something comforting about tidiness; neat lines and everything in its proper place. In this age of labelling, that either means I'm Obsessive Compulsive or Anal Retentive, I don't know which is worse.
Due to the move, I haven't been writing as I should, but I have been reading more (as a result of feeling physically homeless right now, I figure, you're always at home with a good book). I've finished And Then We Came To The End, which I really enjoyed, and have now moved on to try to finish The Book of Lost Things, which again, is better than I first thought.
I'm just so tired, and am working this weekend too. Urgh, no rest for the not really wicked then.


morphean ramble said...


andallthatcouldhavebeen said...

tidiness? neatness? you'll get none of that living with Morph! I saw the moldy water collection at the bottom of his fridge drenched all over HM! hehehe!

morphean ramble said...

raspberries in your direction as well