Thursday, July 31, 2008

Extract from "Tabitha"

Can't really think of anything to say, so thought I would post on here an extract from the opening of my Tabitha Grubb short story, which I also submitted to the Waterstone's What's Your Story competition. Here it is:

She ran through the grimy streets, not looking back. They were after her. Someone was always after her, she thought, grudgingly. Curse of the Gift. Though now was not the time to contemplate. Now was the time to run. Down the alley, over puddles of sewage, & back to the door before They caught her. Who knew that Edwardians, with their stiff upper lips & even stiffer clothing, could run so fast? Blonde hair trailing behind her, she reached the entrance to Milly’s Pie Shop & leapt through, finding herself not amongst the savoury goods, but back in the 21st century. Safe. Lucky she was fast.

Tabitha is a sequel to a novel I've not written yet, in which Tabitha appears as the eighteen month old baby sister to the protagonist Dorcas. In the sequel, Tabitha is now fifteen and takes centre stage. I've been writing it into notebooks when I've been on the move, so when I have a minute, I need to actually put all my scribblings together and see if any of it makes sense.

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morphean ramble said...

I like this one. But I really want to read the novel - come on December 1st!!!

I think the story and the world sound really interesting and I want to read it!

Anyway, this here extract is good - it pulls you straight in, sets up many questions and establishes a good tone from the very off. More please!