Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am currently stressed about moving house. I have to arrange for the power supply to be switched to the new house, and to inform the council and the water board that I am moving. Plus I have to clean my flat to professional standards so that I can regain my deposit. How does one clean professionally? I mean, is there a course that you have to take? I guess it's all about the tools. Well, I don't have any carpets, so no special equipment needed there. I'm hoping a duster and some Cillit Bang will be enough to keep the landlord happy.
The other thing about the move is that I have to do the majority of my moving on the day when the Caribbean Carnival parades past my house, which means that getting my double bed out and down the road past the revellers is going to be a nightmare. Also it means I may not get to watch and partake in Jerk-everything this year.
I just hope the new house is a) as nice as I remember, b) doesn't fall down as soon as we've moved in, and c) is big enough for all our stuff. I haven't even started packing yet.


Robin Johnson said...

I'm a professional and my flat's a tip.

22 said...


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