Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Ideas

OK, so whilst I'm working on Inter Vivos (which isn't particularly interesting to blog about, I'm just reading it right now), I thought I'd share a vaguely new idea for a short story with you.

It's about a company who start to sell a new soft drink that is highly addictive (a bit like Pringles laced with something!), marketed at kids. Once a person has drank enough of it, their tongues fall off and get stuck to the cans. I'm not going to tell you why, or what happens to the tongues once they have been removed, or what happens to the people without tongues, but the story is a bit of a satire. I think I might have it ready by Hallowe'en.

I really want to go on holiday, but I'm completely broke. If money were no object, I'd go to Hawaii, or Rome, or Budapest, or Kenya, or Peru. Suppose I should at least renew my passport before I start day-dreaming of running away.


andallthatcouldhavebeen said...

go to Rome! Charisse got flights there and back for under £30!... and she stayed with a mate of accom was free 2.
the tonge thing sounds like a weird drink we got in singapore called "whatever".

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Did it actually make your tongues fall out?!

andallthatcouldhavebeen said...

no, bout it could have done! it tasted that sweet and nasty!

at least made your teeth fall out