Monday, July 21, 2008

Hoodies Redraft

In the shower last night, I thought of what to do with Hoodies in the new draft. I'm doing the Radio Edit, as well as rewriting it for the stage - the Naomi/Jase bit before was terrible, so I'm cutting Jase altogether. And I'm going to set it so it can be staged in the round, which means I can send it to the Bruntwood competition next year. Doing a radio edit of a play where one character doesn't speak though is very interesting to say the least!
After reading Alex's new play Son on Saturday, I'm really inspired to go to go back to theatre. Just the immediacy of it is appealing. Am still reading Inter Vivos. Chapter three is actually not bad. It's just taking a while to go through.


morphean ramble said...

Yeah, theatre is great. good luck with the new direction, i hope it works out for you. Whole park set? Where you gonna get a roundybout from?

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Well, if amateurs are going to do it (ie me!) then it'll be set in front of the corner shop. If the pros get there hands on it, then it will need a roundabout and a couple of swings.