Monday, March 09, 2009


I'm typing this whilst simultaneously sitting in Frankie and Benny's waiting for my order. Portsmouth this week, and the weather is foul and my hotel room awful (ok, I can overlook what I have now discovered to be the obligatory pube on the sheets, but toilet roll that someone threw up on? No thank you).
Anyhow, went to see Watchmen and it was really good. Am going to read the novel but have been told its fairly accurate, though the film is more gory.
Will be starting to work on IV shortly, so will update later.
Ooh, steak's here. Gotta go!


Hannah said...

Who booked your accommodation? Should tell them off. I just booked some accommodation for Foursight in southsea for the tour, that seemed quite nice, like seaside b+b. Think in seas-side town, they're your best budget option. That wasn't very interesting, but it is true.

Hannah said...

I used two forms of seaside there. I think my mind is slipping out my ear.

morphean ramble said...

Your Bill

Hotel room 2 nights @ 78.00 p/night
- 156.00

Puke 152ml @ 0.27 p/ml
- 41.04

Complimentary pube included in the price.

Additional pubes at 0.14 p/pube

Thank you for staying