Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tidings from Manchester

The cycle of UCAS conventions has started again, so I will be away every week now until April. This week it's Manchester. It's not a bad place, but I'm intimidated by the tallness of the buildings and their close proximity to each other. Still, I found the central library and a cosy Starbucks, so after work I was able to get a bit of work done, which I'm going to continue in a sec (after Judge Judy of course!).
Ideas keep fighting for my attention, but I'm trying to keep focused on Inter Vivos. Chapter 15 is still ongoing, but I'm hoping it'll be finished before the night is over. Then its on to chp 16 which is going to be tough. Why is it so hard to write about falling in love? Sex, no problem. Death, piece of cake. But love at first sight? I feel decidedly under qualified. I fell for my best friend; it's so difficult to write about lightening bolts without, ahem, resorting to clich├ęs. Perhaps because (aside from lust)love at first sight doesn't really exist? I wrote a post last week about my thoughts on love, which I never had time to post, and might not do after this one, but its all interesting nonetheless (well to me anyway).
Anyway, greetings from Manchester, how are you?