Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Edinburgh Here I Come!

Before I start: Congrats Phil for your "Experiment" at the Accidental Festival. Hope it went well!

Am bored of Twitter already. I just don't have anything to say that anyone would be interested to read. "Brushing my hair", "At work", "Sneezing due to hayfever" - hardly makes riveting reading, right? Plus, I still don't get it. I mean, at least with the status update on Facebook you can reply to it, and have a bit of a conversation. But Twitter, well it's just micro-blogging, but without the feedback, right? Oh, I guess there's that "@" thing, but they don't show up unless you manage to catch them on your home page before they disappear into infinity. It's not like Facebook, where they get saved nice and neatly under the original posting. Perhaps I'm using it wrong. I don't know. Maybe someone with more "Twitter" knowledge will clue me in.

Oh, I'm such a luddite!

I've had a nice long break from writing, but I think I'm in the right mind set to actually enjoy it again. It's been bloody torture these past months - I've had to resort to crude similes just to get the bastard text out. It's not good, funny or clever, but I'm hoping in the edit that'll all get sorted out.

Off to Edinburgh at the beginning of August to see Robin's show. We're definitely going now, as we're booking our accommodation tonight. It's a little bit expensive, but I thought it would be; it's peak time, and normal hotels around the country are £40-70 a night at off-peak times, so paying £50 a night during the Fringe is actually a bargain. Yeah, it's standard student accommodation, but it's ensuite and comes with breakfast, so can't complain. We're going from 6th - 12th, as that's the only time we can have off work. Will try to blog each day whilst I'm there and fill you in on the happenings!

Right, off to the library now to do some real work...


Hannah said...

OK, the @ thing - Not sure if you've seen or not (took me ages to find it) if you look on the home page there's a bit in the sidebar that says '@replies' you can read them all collated there (same with d replies) Also, if you install twitterfox or an app for your blackberry you will have different tabs or sections that collate you tweets so you can see replies and people who mention you nicely. I think the best way of using twitter is to be mobile with it, when you have access to a computer you're rarely doing anything riveting are you? Well I'm not anyway, if you have it on your blackberry you can tweet pics of weird and wonderful stuff, talk about the man singing on the bus, or the woman who looks like she might be a spy... y'know that kind of stuff. Likewise I think most of the value of twitter is of finding people who are interesting, and listening to what they say- it's not good until your feed is full of stuff that you want to interact with, this is hard at the beginning (where do you start?) I think most people start with interesting celebs/comedians/writers - what I did was find one person who was interesting, and see who they retweet or interact with, I read all their recent posts to see whether or not I want to follow.

And you're not a luddite - you're trying it but you're new! It took me a while, I've been on since January. And anyway, all of the above is just my opinion innit?

Glad you're feeling refreshed and ready to write again :-)

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Cheers Hannah, I think you're right. I'm unfortunately one of those people who loses patience with a thing if I can't do it perfectly first time, but I'm trying to stick with things (otherwise I'd have given up my driving lessons ages ago!).
Haven't downloaded it to my phone yet, so that'll probably help.

wedding said...

HI, you'll love Edinburgh during the Festival. Can be pricey, but last year we stayed at the Herald House Hotel, Fountainbridge - very central and friendly.

As for Twitter, we love it, as Wedding Planners we get to connect with lots of people in our industry and keep on top of what's hot and new.

sandcastle said...

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