Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Brick and Co. update

Well, some of my friends came and read a few scenes from my 'Youth Hoody' play (really need to think up a title!!), and I think it's got potential. We were having a bit of a debate (or more likely, after 5 glasses of wine I was having a rant) about who would actually put my play on. I mean, it's really about a group of 13 year olds, but due to the swearing in it, I doubt whether a youth theatre would want to stage it, for fear of offending someone's parents/grandparents. And I really despise it when they have actors who are 30+ years old pretending to be kids. It's annoying, because I'm trying to reflect how 13 year olds from small Leicestershire villages actually behave (well, how they behaved in 1993 anyway!). Of course, I don't want to be responsible for introducing innocent children to the 'f' word, but at the same time, most 13 year olds know this word already. I suppose it's not my job to worry about these things, so I'll just keep on writing it and see what happens. Perhaps it can be a play cast with teenagers but marketed for adults... I mean, they make horror films like Poltergeist and The Exorcist using children, so perhaps my play won't be such a big deal. If I ever get round to completing it of course!

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Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

three words
"youth offender institute" - they tend to push the inmates into it as part of their rehabillitation.
but you may need to "sex" it up a bit.