Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dancing Hippos!

I wrote 3 pages of dialogue for my play last night on the train back from rehearsal. I keep forgetting how, when I'm writing, everything else around me sort of disappears, and I really like that feeling. I'm going to type up what I've got this lunchtime and hopefully be able to continue with it without having someone at work interrupt me to ask me about scholarships and the like.

Rehearsals for 'Company' are going well, but I'm convinced that the choreographer hates me - I am trying, honest, but I get so nervous sometimes before my number, especially as I'm still not as confident on the dance steps as the other two girls (well, I'm a bit of a fairy elephant to put it bluntly!). Not looking forward to the next two weeks - rehearsal every night bar Tuesday and possibly Saturday, and then the show itself starts on 19th March for a whole week (and I'm staying at home with the folks too). So enjoy me whilst you can, people, because I'm not going to be around much for the next couple of weeks. Really want to have my play written before next Monday, not sure if that is going to happen!

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