Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hoodies Play

Well, my first draft is completed! It's only 18 pages though, so I know it's going to need expanding. The Jase and Naomi scenes are a bit basic right now, and I think there is room for more dialogue between the whole group, but it's definitely taking shape now. Hooray!

It's weird, because I really know these characters, like what happens to them after the play, when they all met in the first place, stuff like that. I know all this intuitively, I didn't have to sit for hours doing character work or anything. I just hope that they seem real on stage (but theatrical too, if you see what I mean).

Once again, I'm struggling for a title, so any ideas are welcome. Think it should have the words 'Earl Shilton' or 'Shilton' in it, though. My other idea was 'Waiting for Whitby', but that a) draws parallells with another (much better) play and b) doesn't really set the piece for me. Feel free to leave comments as to what I should call it (nothing nasty please!).

So with my first draft written, everything is set for me now to gear up for Company, which starts on 19th March. Anyone out there who would like to come, please do! We've only got 42% capacity for Monday night! It's going to be a really good show, but the reason it hasn't sold well is there's loads of politics at the theatre, and because the director hand-picked his cast, those who weren't picked are apparently boycotting it. The director had permission to cast it like this, which is unlike a lot of the other directors there who pre-cast anyway but just don't tell you about it. So annoying, because it is really going to be brilliant. Well, that's amateur theatre I guess.


morphean ramble said...

Just "Waiting"?

Are you specifically *not* after a title that is referential?

Cos if you don't mind, there's always "Down and Out in Earl Shilton"

I'll keep thinking. I like titles

morphean ramble said...

Oh, and all that theatre politik stuff is absolute crap... been there

morphean ramble said...


morphean ramble said...

Do you want the tite to be representative/indicative/descriptive, or would you like a more abstract title?

Lucy Ann Wade said...

I want the title to be good! Indicative/representive would be best. Don't understand abstract titles - why call your play 'Creme Brulee' when it's about 2 builders eating sandwiches on a Tuesday (for example!)? I'm more of a 'Catchphrase' girl - say what you see!

morphean ramble said...

Furry muff

For some reason the title 'Ember' came into my head, bt it doesn't really mean anything.

I just thought of glowing fag-end in the darkness and that's the word that came to me.


morphean ramble said...

Oh and of course, I have to say congratulations on a really good first read at the session last night!

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Thank you! I think I'm going to see if there's a good line in the play that I can steal for a title. Or go with 'Shilton ...(something)'. Hmmm. Anyway, on with draft 2!

Robin Johnson said...


I liked "Shilton Rec", is there any particular reason for not using that? It has the boarded-up-youth-club connotations that none of the other suggestions have had for me.

I don't know enough about the play to suggest anything new, sorry.