Friday, March 16, 2007

Goodbye for a bit!

I'm off to star in my show, Company, so I won't be able to post any blog entries for about a week. Don't know what I'm going to do with myself actually - I'm going back to Earl Shilton for the run, so predict I'll be bored out of my mind during the day. If I'm feeling brave I might hit the streets and do a bit of first-hand research on the hoody-youths of today's Shilton, but I might just stay at home and re-read Harry Potter again!

Company is going well - had our first rehearsal on the stage on Wednesday and it's dress and tech tonight. I spend a lot of the time on this 8-foot balcony which wobbles when you step on it, so I've spent most of the rehearsals so far with stage-fright combined with vertigo. My costume is brown and I have a top the colour of cat sick. If anyone out there would like to come and watch, tickets vary from £7.50 - £9, depending on what day you come, and it's on from 19th - 24th March at the Concordia Theatre in Hinckley (just google it for the website). Tickets will probably be available on the door, especially for the first two nights.

Will be back soon!

Lucy :-)


morphean ramble said...

Break A Leg!!!

will miss you

bye bye

Alex said...

Hop;e the first night went well.

(I know it did already, but you know what I maen)