Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time Travel and 35K

Well, folks, I am still NaNoWriMo-ing, and still on schedule. I've just passed the 35K mark, which is an achievement in itself, and the novel is actually getting easier to write. I can knock out 1500 words during my lunch break (so in about 30-40 minutes) so it's not bad going. Of course, I am resigned to the fact that my novel is turd - there doesn't actually seem to be any drama in it, and my main character spends most of the novel whining about her love life. Oh well, less than 15K to go!
I do at least now feel more like a real writer, in that I am writing something rather than talking about writing something. I don't think I'm going to audition for the next musical on Wednesday due to my increased commitment to writing, and I spent a lot of yesterday evening (as well as being in agony with sharp stomach pains) rolling an idea around in my brain and lazily day dreaming into existence the world and the characters. I'm feeling confident and self-assured. If it is possible to write a pretty poor novel in a month, then surely it's possible to write a masterpiece in a year, if I keep at this velocity?

Anyway, tonight Alex is going to explain the scientific principles of Time and time travel to me before I get bored or my head explodes, for my new story. If any one would like to give me their thoughts on the theory of time travel, etc. then please be my guest! I am doing initial research so that I can then disregard it all and write my own version (or maybe not, depending on how much I understand).

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