Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The muse comes a knockin' ... and I'm at work!

All day I've been wanting to write. Crazy, eh? Right from this morning, I've been itching to do some writing. That rarely happens. But instead, I've had to go to work and do office things instead. And I'm betting this latest wind of inspiration won't last until Friday. Hmpf.
Anyho, Chapter Two of Inter Vivos (the rewrite) is almost completed. I'm not sure about the tone in the middle, and there's a bit of language polishing that needs doing, but it's progressing well. Seeing as Chapter One might as well be renamed "God-awful chapter that stalled the writing of this book for seven months, and is still rubbish", the fact that chapter two was easy, and - dare I say it? - fun is great. Perhaps I'll just start at chapter two, to heck with back story. Interesting idea.
I realise that you few people who do read this blog don't have any idea what I'm writing about when I talk of Inter Vivos. Maybe one day if it gets published, we can all come back and read over these sections and go "ah, I see, that's how that happened".
I have a new character in my head at the minute. Well, when I say 'character', really it's more of a name, and a feeling. Jessie. Female. A bit pissed off. She's probably pissed off that she doesn't have a story yet, but there you are! I also have another name too - Raeley/Railey Quinn. Female too. Perhaps fragments will float around inside my head until a story (or at least a few more characteristics) come together to form a plot.
Have been reading Carrie Vaughn's blog today about "Urban Fantasy" (read part one ,two and three). Was amusing that in part two she talks about tattoos on girls on covers and next to this is a photo of her book cover with a girl with a tattoo on the front! Guess it proves the point. Good blog though nonetheless.

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