Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Train

I'm blogging this from the train on my way to Birmingham to see a mate in a play. I'm sitting facing backwards, which will probably mean I'll be feeling sick any minute now. The train is pretty full, and Alex has had to sit next to an elderly chap who spent the last ten minutes talking about one way streets. I'm grateful, cos its usually me who gets to sit next to the chatty people. Anyway we have a packet of chocolate hob nobs, so all its not all bad.
I'm in the middle of writing my revised chapter six for Inter Vivos. Before, chapter six was about one paragraph, so I had to think about what was going to happen, what needed to happen and change to motivate the story. Nox is in hospital, so she isn't going anywhere, so the chapter is more about a mental journey of the character than anything. I've just got to try not to make it boring, is all.

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