Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just wanted to show you a little bit of the developmental process for Inter Vivos. Thematically, it started out like this:
Nox wandering gracefully, in chiffon, like a proper princess over the ice plains in the State of Aquarius. I still envisage an image similar to this as my book cover one day.

Now that I've come to write those scenes, however, it has changed into this:

Nox, wrapped up tight in a fur coat, army boots and wearing a motorcycle helmet, fighting her way through a blizzard like the scrappy pup that she is. That's just the way it goes, I guess!
[Illustration by me. Good, huh?! Hmm, perhaps I'll have to leave the graphic novel version of the book to a professional. At least Hannah can see that all of her commissions are safe!]


Hannah said...

I am actually thinking of illustrating a story this summer as a present for someone who really liked a short story I wrote, first foray (sp?) into illustration- It's way way harder than drawing from life/photos. You actually have to make that shit up.

Anyway, I like your Dora, sounds kinda cyberpunk.

Hannah said...

I mean I know little about it, just the image conjured up by furs vs hi-tech helmetness :-)

22 said...


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