Wednesday, April 01, 2009


-not for anything exciting, but for my event to start.
I've bought my writing stuff with me today and after this has finished, I'm going to find a quiet spot to do some work. I've broken every deadline I gave myself and inter vivos still isn't finished. They are still stuck in chapter seventeen limbo, and although I know what I need to write, I've been so tired and travelling so much I've not had chance.
Early starts don't agree with me, and two half 4 starts in a row have made me grumpy. Good job I'm on my own today!
Think I'm going to stop by the British Library today if I have time, for inspiration.


morphean ramble said...

see if you can bring back a protester, we can keep him in the shed and use him to scare away the cats

Hannah said...

Half four is not a time you get up for, it is a time you stay up 'til.