Friday, January 12, 2007

Momentum Ideas

I proposed two ideas for Momentum last night. The first was my ‘youths’ play, featuring Mouse and Brick et al about rural decay and attitudes towards young people today, and the second was a play about jealousy, where the borders between friendship and relationship collide and whether it is better to be alone than with people who make you miserable. This second play involves a triangle between two female flat mates who have an obsessive/possessive relationship and how their dynamic changes when one of them gets a (not very nice) boyfriend. At the moment, I really want to get my ‘youths’ play off the ground (and I think I will give it the working title from now on of ‘Shilton Wreck’, with wreck being in the literal sense and also a play on words for ‘rec’ or recreational ground in Leicestershire slang, a place that a lot of the characters hang out). But I do like the other idea, and I am afraid that if I spend 2 months developing this 6+ hander, that TWP will turn around and say that they can only produce plays with 3 people in, like last year. Oh, I should just write what I want to write! But I want to have my play put on and be successful too.

I’ve been writing a paragraph of Inter Vivos each lunch time – slow and steady hopefully wins the race! Well, it’s better than nothing, and I’ve been busy every night this week, so haven’t had the chance to put in any proper time on it. Plus Company is starting to take up more and more time, as I can’t get the harmony line to stick in my head and I still don’t know how many kicks we do at the end of the routine for Side by Side. Sigh.

I know I moan, but I love being busy really! And at least I don’t have to work my second job this weekend so that I can take the weekend to recuperate!

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