Monday, January 22, 2007


I have decided to get myself into a new routine this year so that I manage to write something every week and make progress with my work. I have devised a two-week system (to accommodate fortnightly momentum sessions) and we shall see how long it lasts. Luckily Monday is rehearsal night, so the rota doesn't kick in until tomorrow.

I still haven't decided which play I want to write for Momentum, and Inter Vivos still hasn't hit the 20K mark. My excuse for this weekend is that I have been working, but it is still a pretty lame excuse. Hence the reason for the rota.

On another random note, my sister has bought herself two New Forest foals over the weekend. I'm not even sure this is legal, although my mum assures me that both horses have passports and 'stickers on their bums', whatever that means, so my family now owns 5 horses! My dad has been very quiet on the subject, which means he's not pleased (or he's trying to locate a horse meat trader on the sly...).

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morphean ramble said...

you know, I would really like to try some horse.