Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well, I didn't get accepted for TWP's 'Playwright's Studio'. I don't know whether it's me or my work that they don't like. Sometimes I wonder whether I'm wasting my time, but then everyone on the forum's been really nice to me and have come up with some pretty persuasive arguments, so perhaps not. It would be nice if people at TWP would just say what they mean, rather than talking jargon and flat pleasantries all the time. I say, call a spade a spade, I can handle it. In terms of my playwriting, it's time to go back and reflect on my work so far, and identify things that could be improved, etc. I mean, I've not done too badly for myself, considering I've only ever written two stage plays. Mental note: Must do better in future. I've also not heard from two jobs I applied for before Christmas, so that on top of my TWP rejection is making me feel a bit shite.

Seb's too loved-up to write and I'm so anti-living things at times I can't even bring myself to buy a goldfish because I can't be doing with its ever-presence.

At least today's almost over.


Robin Johnson said...

Hope you feel better soon. Get thee to a teapot.

Remember, if you're not failing at half the things you try, you're not setting your sights high enough.

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

i agree with Robin. Anyway TWP is commercialist bollocks with "character arches" (spew) risne then for what you can learn and get and then go and do your own thing that fulfills your own creative ambition.


Alex said...

ah lady.