Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Ideas

Right now I am developing a piece (I think as a short story, though it may end up as a dramatic monologue) about Calypso, the goddess from The Odyssey. It details what happened from her perspective when she held Odyseuss prisoner, seven years of 'sexual imprisonment', and then was forced to let him leave by Zeus. She's a little bit 'the woman scorned' but also it examines the double standard that exists even today where men are forgiven their infidelities whereas women are not - it's the whole stud/whore thing really. Well, the starting point of this story is anyway.
I am also very tired right now, as this new job is draining. I may have to quit my second job just to have time to get my head together again, though considering I only earned £28 last month, giving up three Saturdays hardly seems worth it.
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Alex said...

I reckon the double standard of'the whole stud/whore thing' is that the most venom and bile directed at unfathful women comes from other women.

(i've heard you being quite mean in the past)

Lucy Ann Wade said...

I think perhaps if 'bile' is going to come from anywhere, it is usually from women, rather than men, but I don't think that the whole 'stud/whore' thing is exclusively perpetuated by women. I think, looking back to my school days, it was actually the boys who were the most frequent bullies with regards to calling girls 'slags', 'whores', 'tarts' etc. Girls occasionally copied the taunts, trying to protect themselves from the bullying by diverting it onto others most of the time, but didn't start it. And if you think linguistically, there are more words for females who are promiscuous than for men, and all the feminine words are negative.

And yes, I have been mean in the past, and probably will in the future, but I like to think of myself as an 'equal opportunities' mean person - I am mean to all who deserve it, both male and female! ;-)

Alex said...

Sucks to be you.