Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Hair

Right, well, I have had my hair cut short again (see Facebook pic for those of you who have befriended me), and the sad fact of the matter is that only two people in my office (of 15 people) have noticed or comment. Hmpf.
I have a driving lesson tonight, and it's really not going very well. After dismissing two driving instructors due to incompetence on their parts, the third is really great, but my confidence is shot. If only I could teleport, then I'd never need a car ever.
There's a Leicester group for NaNoWriMo now, and I'm thinking of heading on down to meet them on Sunday. I'm looking forward to writing Dorcas, finally, but there are still things I need to do in the name of research before 1st November, namely visiting Leicester Graveyard (which I can't do by myself because I'm a big wuss) and wander around Highfields with my notebook and camera (strangely, this doesn't terrify me). The main theme of Dorcas is coping with death and living in the present, but I also need to come up with a non-cliched time-travelling adventure she can go on too for the middle of the book. I guess this is where the pressure of NaNoWriMo comes to play, as I may come up with something brilliant in the spur of the moment - well, here's hoping!
I've also been looking at agents recently ("be prepared" and all that), and I found a really cool agent in America who I'd love to represent me. You see, I've decided I need an agent who specialises with adult and young adult fantasy/sci fi fiction, and the agency in the USA that I found represents most of the best selling authors today from this demographic (writers who write for both adults and YA). Unfortunately, they don't seem to have links with any UK agencies, so I'm back to the drawing board again. I know there are dozens out there (probably), but just need to do a bit of research. Maybe in December, after Dorcas is finished. What an exciting prospect.
Right, I'm going to flip my hair around a few more times as I walk across the office, just to see if I can finally get some "new hair" recognition.

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andallthatcouldhavebeen said...

Don't worry about the driving instructors! Remember, I've been through 4 and you shouldn't pay them if you're not happy with what they provide. See how this one goes, it should be his/her job to build your confidence back up and see how it goes. I'll give you the number for my instructor too if you need it