Thursday, October 30, 2008


I went to see Alex's play Son last night, and it was really good. For a first night it went pretty smoothly, a few technical glitches and falling down set aside! The acting was amazing, and there are some wonderful moments in the script (as well as some wonderfully silly moments too!). It's on til Saturday, so if you can, go and see it! It's being performed in the Queens Hall, Percy Gee Building, University of Leicester.

On a possibly related note, I really don't see what is so wrong with the word c**t. Well, yes, what's wrong with it there is that it has little stars in the middle of it, but what I actually mean is, why is the worst swear word in the English language one that means 'vagina'? Is a vagina such a terrible thing? Perhaps there's some history to the word that I am blissfully ignorant of, but I don't get how you can call someone a dick and it's not so bad, but if you call them a c**t, Granny will faint and the community will ostracise you (I don't speak from personal experience...). If anyone can shed any light onto this, please let me know.

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Robin Johnson said...

The harshness of swear words isn't related to their meaning. Consider the vast difference in rudeness between that word and 'twat'.

Their rudeness also tends to deflate with time - 'damn' is usually censored in old books.