Sunday, November 30, 2008


Oh my good God, I did it! I didn't think I would, even this morning when I had 3,000 words to go. But I did! Whoop! So first draft of Dorcas Grubb is now complete. You can see my NaNo page and look at my stats, plus read an extract of the first draft here.

The hardest thing I found with doing NaNoWriMo this year, well, one of the hardest things, was that I completed the story, wrote "The End" and everything, when I still had 6,000 words to write. So without that motivation to get to the end (as I had already done it), I found it really difficult to stay motivated. I think this is what has happened with Inter Vivos too - I have completed the first draft of that, but now that I have to go back and fill in some gaps, it's not as exciting anymore. I guess this is where discipline should take over, but I'm crap at making myself do stuff like this. So new resolution, I am going to write every day. I am not going to stick to a word limit per day, though I think a minimum of 50 words is doable, but I am going to add a stipulation that these words must be in the form of fiction (regardless of medium), and by that I mean does not include any planning, note taking, character notes, maps, or anything else that is not directly contributing to a short story, novel, play, etc.

Phew! And I'm going to be strict on myself.

Anyway, I am 28 years old, and have two completed first drafts under my belt. Not a bad position to be in, so long as I don't lose momentum, and I actually do something with them. I'm feeling good.


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well done :-)

Robin Johnson said...

Well done!

The extract was intriguing, although I had a bit of trouble visualising the woman with eyes like zombies :-)

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Yes, I've realised now that punctuation IS actually necessary! Will go and edit!